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Child & Youth Care Centre


To give satisfying life and home to the innocent children victims of numerous social problems primarily associated with poverty, family violence and those who have been deprived of basic needs, safety and protection for the realization of children full potential and well-being.


That it is a duty of every follower of Christ to share his blessings with others specially to the less fortunate children who have no resources.

Goals & Objectives

Believing on God’s premise that man was created in the image of God with inherent worth and dignity, the institution aims to work on the following:

. To provide home care for orphans, abandoned, neglected, surrendered, abused, and children under distress;

. To clothe and feed the children with nutritious foods and sustenance;

. To assist children needing medical assistance;

. To train and develop children in Christian life;

. To enhance proper development of children’s potential for mental, physical and social endeavor;

. To help develop in life the values of citizenship for common good, and

. To open opportunities for special services to deserving family through community outreach program.

Our Programs & Services

1. Foster Care

2. Adoption

3. Feeding

4. Educational Support

5. Advocacy

6. Spiritual Service

7. Family Outreach-Intervention

for more information email us @ [email protected]